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Artist Story: Bags by Bonnie

Bonnie Hagen is an artist at our Shoppe with a flair for color, design and detail. Bonnie is special to me because of the lengthy history we share. In truth, all of the Shoppe's artists are really special, but Bonnie is unique in that I've known her the longest (other than the Bead Gypsy, of course!) My history with Bonnie stems back to my days as a Roseau High School Basketball Cheerleader (I will spare you the '80's big hair photos...) because Bonnie was our energetic cheerleading coach.

(A handful of her amazing bags - the attention to detail and quality is what customers notice.)

Bonnie was creative back then and she's incredibly creative now. She was patient with a house full of teenage girls and embraced us all. I'm so grateful for her energy, love and support back then and still today as we've opened the En Liten Svensk Shoppe.

As the Shoppe began to take shape in May of this year, Bonnie brought in an especially beautiful bag with Scandinavian inspired fabric. The lovely bag was in Bonnie's display area for only a short time because it rather quickly made it's way home with me! It is easily the nicest bag I've ever owned. I like to carry a lot of "things" (my husband has another word for all of my things) and the bag holds them all!

(I really LOVE this bag!)

I asked Bonnie to share a bit of her story for the Blog and she graciously agreed. Please enjoy some of the details behind "Bonnie's Bags" from the artist's perspective.

Bonnie's Story:

I grew up admiring my godmother who could sew anything without a pattern! She inspired me at an early age to use my imagination and create beautiful things to wear as well as different accessories.

When I retired, I decided I needed something to keep me busy and started creating purses, weekend bags, traveling bags and water bottle bags. I have approximately 16 different varieties of bags that I love to make. My greatest pleasure is picking out the fabric and designing a special bag with that print or design in mind. If I’m having a bad day, a quick trip to the fabric shop to just admire and feel the fabric sets me right back into feeling good about the day.

(The water bottle bags are a huge hit - they have pockets for your cash, cards, your phone and keys... and they're Thinsulate lined! It's the perfect bag when you're on the go.)

My two daughters and three granddaughters are my best advertising and are more than willing to try out a new design and inform me of what should change – a little bigger, a little smaller, different straps and always more pockets or location of the pockets. My bags are more of an organizer with a spot for almost everything you might need to carry with you!

You can find my bags at En Liten Svensk Shoppe, 101 Main Avenue North, Roseau. You can also reach me at (218) 242-0894 or bonniehagen48@gmail.com.

Thank you so much, Bonnie!

Happy sewing!