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Blog: To Market! To Market!

It has been a little overwhelming but mostly exhilirating in recent weeks. I can't remember the last time I've been this excited about work. As many of you may know, I am a Clinical Social Worker and my "day job" includes providing counseling and support to students at St. Cloud State University as well as part-time teaching in the graduate Social Work program. The work is NEVER dull and very fulfilling as you might imagine. And what the work of the En Liten Svensk Shoppe has provided for me is a creative outlet - something entirely different from my day-to-day routine. It has re-charged my battery and I am so grateful. I've been pushed beyond my comfort zone and I am learning something new all of the time... two things that I'm figuring out I really need in my life.

(A photo of me, my amazing mom & the incredibly talented artist, Julie Steller, at market. Click here to link to Julie's Facebook page -

it's worth a look!)

I've spent many hours in preparation for our trip to market in mid-March and am now anxiously waiting for our products to arrive. The importers have been exceptionally helpful and kind - they seem to recognize it's hard to be "new." (I do think my excitement has been a bit contagious). I've learned more about Scandinavian trends in design and about the traditional favorites, including beautifully designed socks! We will have Swedish dish cloths and variety of goods, including Almond cake pans and lefse supplies!

(Market has been a highlight for me thus far!)

While at market, I even found those adorable little toothpick flags that adorned my grandfather's 100th birthday cupcakes. I couldn't pass them up and without a doubt, there will be flags to celebrate Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, too!

The next several weeks will involve formalizing our operations, developing space in collaboration with our local artists and creating a destination that celebrates our incredible, regional talent.

As we get closer to opening day, I'll be in touch with all of the details!


p.s. Happy Fastelavn Day! Click on the this great old photo to learn more about this popular celebration in Denmark, Norway, Iceland & the Faroe Islands.

(Image and article courtesy of Scandinavian Standard.com)